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Mark and Nathan, a married couple in Muskegon, Michigan, share more than just love; they share a passion for ham radio, with callsigns KE8HAS and KC8MTQ. Their unique love story began through this shared interest and flourished into a life filled with joy, purpose, and exploration.

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Nathan and Mark Smith-Manley Nathan and Mark Smith-Manley

Welcome to the personal website of Nathan and Mark Smith-Manley

We are a married couple living in beautiful Muskegon, Michigan, both passionate ham radio operators with callsigns KE8HAS (Mark) and KC8MTQ (Nathan). Our love story began through our shared interest in ham radio, leading to a relationship that has flourished over the years.

United in matrimony on February 16, 2015, in Horicon, Wisconsin, our wedding was one of the first following the landmark decisions to expand marriage and immigration rights to LGBT couples. A testament to our enduring love, our marriage symbolizes not only our personal commitment but also a broader movement towards equality and acceptance.

Mark, originally hailing from Brynmawr, Wales, embodies a spirit of resilience and care. Before moving to the U.S., he worked as a caregiver in the UK, a role that speaks volumes about his compassion and empathy. In the States, he has continued to leave a mark through his work as a manager at the North Muskegon Meijer. Mark also has a keen eye for photography, capturing the mesmerizing beauty of storms and nature.

Nathan, on the other hand, is a dynamic professional, running a professional services firm in Downtown Muskegon and working as a substitute teacher and educational professional recruiter. Together, our complementary talents and interests have crafted a life filled with joy, purpose, and endless exploration.

Beyond our personal passions and professional pursuits, we hold a deep belief in the power of community and the importance of giving back. Our lives in Muskegon are enriched by our active participation in various local initiatives, volunteer work, and philanthropy. Whether it's through community outreach, supporting local businesses, or engaging in environmental stewardship, we strive to make a positive impact in the lives of those around us.

Our dedication to community service is not merely a responsibility, but a joyous part of our shared life. We see in every act of kindness a reflection of our values, an embodiment of our love for each other and our fellow human beings. It's a journey of connection, growth, and continuous learning that adds profound meaning to our lives.

Mark's Ham Radio Hobby Projects

NOAA Weather Satellite Bulletins capture radio signals from NOAA weather satellites, decoding them into visible weather images for insights into Earth's atmospheric conditions. These satellites collect weather data, transmitting it back via radio signals in VHF/UHF bands. Specialized antennas and software-defined radios receive the signals. Frequencies like 137 MHz and 1691 MHz are utilized for signal capture, employing a Quadrifilar Helix (QFH) antenna. The received signals are recorded as audio and then decoded using "WXtoImg," converting them into visual images. These decoded images are subsequently batch-uploaded to a web server using TCP/IP transmission, facilitating convenient access to real-time satellite-derived weather information.

Mark also enjoys delving into other realms of radio technology. He's particularly keen on working with Software-Defined Radios (SDR), versatile devices that process radio signals using software rather than hardware components. Beyond that, he's intrigued by High-Frequency (HF) radios, which cover longer distances via the ionosphere reflection. Mark also delves into digital modes, utilizing techniques like Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) and Phase Shift Keying (PSK) to encode data for efficient transmission. His passion lies in mastering these technologies, opening pathways to fascinating communication possibilities and expanding his understanding of the modern radio landscape.

Nate is working on:

Developing educational applications at teachcinch.com

Writing educational content for general audiences on medium.com.

Volga Roots is an website about Volga German Heritage.

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