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Mark and Nathan, a married couple in Muskegon, Michigan, share more than just love; they share a passion for ham radio, with callsigns KE8HAS and KC8MTQ. Their unique love story began through this shared interest and flourished into a life filled with joy, purpose, and exploration.

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Nathan and Mark Smith-Manley Nathan and Mark Smith-Manley

Welcome to the personal website of Nathan and Mark Smith-Manley

We are a married couple living in beautiful Muskegon, Michigan, both passionate ham radio operators with callsigns KE8HAS (Mark) and KC8MTQ (Nathan). Our love story began through our shared interest in ham radio, leading to a relationship that has flourished over the years.

Married on February 16, 2015, in Horicon, Wisconsin, our wedding was one of the first following the landmark decisions to expand marriage and immigration rights to LGBT couples. A testament to our enduring love, our marriage symbolizes not only our personal commitment but also a broader movement towards equality and acceptance.

Mark, originally hailing from Brynmawr, Wales, embodies a spirit of resilience and care. Before moving to the U.S., he worked as a caregiver in the UK, a role that speaks volumes about his compassion and empathy. In the States, he has continued to leave a mark through his work in various roles at Meijer. Mark also has a keen eye for photography, capturing the mesmerizing beauty of storms and nature.

Nathan is a dynamic Renaissance individual who seamlessly transitions between the roles of a dedicated substitute teacher by day and an innovative "mad scientist" by night. With a vast range of interests that span technology, community service, and self-exploration, he's a master at identifying and filling gaps in various systems. Nathan thrives at the intersection of diverse fields, from computer science and meteorology to social engagement and personal development. His complementary skills and eclectic passions have not only crafted a life rich in joy and purpose but also one of endless exploration and intellectual curiosity.

Beyond our personal passions and professional pursuits, we hold a deep belief in the power of community and the importance of giving back. Our lives in Muskegon are enriched by our active participation in various local initiatives, volunteer work, and philanthropy. Whether it's through community outreach, supporting local businesses, or engaging in environmental stewardship, we strive to make a positive impact in the lives of those around us.

Our dedication to community service is not merely a responsibility, but a joyous part of our shared life. We see in every act of kindness a reflection of our values, an embodiment of our love for each other and our fellow human beings. It's a journey of connection, growth, and continuous learning that adds profound meaning to our lives.

Mark's Ham Radio Hobby Projects

Mark enjoys delving into other realms of radio technology. He's particularly keen on working with Software-Defined Radios (SDR), versatile devices that process radio signals using software rather than hardware components. Beyond that, he's intrigued by High-Frequency (HF) radios, which cover longer distances via the ionosphere reflection. Mark also delves into digital modes, utilizing techniques like Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) and Phase Shift Keying (PSK) to encode data for efficient transmission. His passion lies in mastering these technologies, opening pathways to fascinating communication possibilities and expanding his understanding of the modern radio landscape.

Nate's Projects:


SmithManley on Etsy specializes in crafting high-quality wood tokens. Each token is meticulously designed and crafted, perfect for a variety of uses such as game pieces, personalized gifts, or decorative items. The tokens come in different shapes, sizes, and finishes, showcasing the natural beauty and durability of wood. Whether for personal projects, events, or gifts, SmithManley's wood tokens are a versatile and charming addition to any collection.

Sonic Sidekick: Live Captioning for the Hearing Impaired

Sonic Sidekick provides real-time live captioning services for the hearing impaired. This innovative tool ensures accessibility by converting spoken language into text instantly, making conversations, lectures, and events more inclusive for individuals with hearing difficulties.

Dr. Oliver Algorithm

Experience personalized wellness with Dr. Oliver Algorithm, your free AI-driven coach offering tailored health insights, fitness plans, and mental wellness support. Start your journey to a healthier, happier you today. Requires Google Chrome on PC, MAC, or ChromeOS.

1943 Penny: Educational Reconditioned Pennies

1943Penny.com is an e-commerce site dedicated to selling reconditioned 1943 pennies for educational purposes. These unique steel pennies, produced during World War II due to copper shortages, are meticulously restored to their original condition. The site offers a detailed history of the 1943 penny, educational resources for collectors and students, and an easy-to-navigate shopping experience. Whether you're a history buff, a coin collector, or an educator, 1943Penny.com provides a valuable resource for exploring this fascinating piece of numismatic history.

The Matrix

The Matrix is an innovative AI-powered online radio station focused exclusively on AI news, produced and narrated by AI. Specializing in the latest developments and impacts of artificial intelligence in various sectors, it provides in-depth coverage. This unique platform offers expert analysis and discussions on AI's role in areas like healthcare, finance, and ethics. The AI host ensures a captivating and informative experience, making The Matrix a premier destination for AI-related news and insights.

USS Voyager Interactive AI

The USS Voyager Interactive AI at smith-manley.com/voyager offers an immersive experience where users can interact with an AI modeled after the iconic starship Voyager. This project brings the world of Star Trek to life, allowing fans to engage with the AI in various scenarios and simulations, enhancing their understanding and enjoyment of the Star Trek universe.

Golden Girls Interactive AI

The Golden Girls Interactive AI at smith-manley.com/goldengirls is a nostalgic journey into the beloved sitcom. Fans can interact with AI versions of their favorite characters, reliving classic moments and exploring new adventures. This project not only entertains but also keeps the spirit of the Golden Girls alive for new generations.

Muskegon Interactive AI

Muskegon Interactive AI at muskegonbuzz.com is a dynamic platform that offers residents and visitors an engaging way to explore Muskegon. This AI provides information about local events, historical sites, and community resources, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to get the most out of their Muskegon experience.

AI Technology at Inteligenesis

Nate is a contributor to AI technology at Inteligenesis, a groundbreaking research initiative exploring human interaction with near-human AI. This project aims to revolutionize the way we perceive artificial intelligence, making it more relatable and integrated into our daily lives.

Notary Services at Muskegon Notary

Not just a tech whiz, Nate also provides notary services via Muskegon Notary. This platform ensures that all notarial acts are executed with utmost precision and legality. Nate's deep understanding of the law complements his tech-savvy nature, making him a go-to resource for anyone in need of notarization services in Muskegon, Michigan.

Writing Educational Content on Medium

When Nate isn't crushing it in the tech world or notarizing like a boss, he's dishing out educational content on Medium. His writings aim to demystify complex topics for general audiences, making education accessible and understandable for all. Definitely worth a read!

Volga Roots: Exploring Volga German Heritage

Did you know Nate also manages Volga Roots? It's a dedicated platform to explore and celebrate the rich Volga German Heritage. The site is a treasure trove of historical information, cultural insights, and resources for people interested in learning more about this unique community.

Muskegon Almanac: Meteorological and Astronomical Information

Muskegon Almanac serves as a comprehensive platform for meteorological and astronomical data specific to Muskegon, Michigan. Offering real-time updates and a user-friendly interface, the platform has become a reliable source for residents and weather enthusiasts to track weather changes and obtain detailed forecasts.

Transportation Simulator: Interactive Urban Mobility

The Transportation Simulator is an interactive tool that simulates various scenarios in urban transportation. Designed to offer valuable insights into route planning, traffic management, and other complexities of urban transit systems, the tool is an asset for urban planners and transportation enthusiasts.

Cryptocurrency Price Tracker: Real-time Crypto Market Data

The Cryptocurrency Price Tracker is an invaluable resource for those interested in the cryptocurrency market. With real-time price updates and an intuitive interface, the tracker is well-suited for both beginners and seasoned investors who aim to navigate the volatile world of cryptocurrencies effectively.

Global World Clock Application: Time Management Across Time Zones

The Global World Clock Application serves as a time management solution for individuals who need to coordinate across multiple time zones. Whether for business or leisure travel, the application enables users to stay synchronized, ensuring punctuality regardless of location.

Sly Chips! Video Poker: Authentic Video Poker Experience

Sly Chips! Video Poker offers an authentic and engaging video poker experience. Tailored for gaming enthusiasts, the platform brings the thrill of the casino directly to users' devices, allowing for entertainment and engagement at any time.

Bacon Bingo: Piggy Fun!

Welcome to the pig-tastic world of "Bacon Bingo" - the ultimate bingo game that's sizzlin' with excitement! Get ready to have a blast with this pig-themed bingo extravaganza that's all about fun, dabbing, and scoring big.

GameShow!: Play a round of Gameshow!

In this captivating game show, contestants select from a series of sealed containers, each holding unknown sums of money. Their initial choice is potentially their prize. As the game progresses, they open other containers, revealing amounts ranging from minimal to substantial, strategically hoping to eliminate lower values. The twist comes with the mysterious "Banker," who, after several containers are opened, offers a cash deal to buy the contestant's container. This offer hinges on which amounts are still in play, creating a nail-biting decision: accept a sure sum or gamble for potentially more. The host guides the contestant through these high-stress decisions, often involving the audience or the contestant's companions. The emotional and psychological dynamics at play turn the game into a riveting experience, with the tension peaking when the contestant either takes the Banker's deal or risks it all until their container's value is revealed. This simple yet thrilling format, blending luck, strategy, and human psychology, has garnered global appeal, making it a beloved fixture in game show entertainment.

PersonaMatrix.com: Platform for Self-Exploration

PersonaMatrix.com provides an extensive selection of quizzes and personality assessments. Created to foster self-awareness and personal growth, the platform allows users to explore various aspects of their personality in a structured and informative manner.